About. Me.

Since 2010 I am a Research Assistant (Ph.D. student) in the Systems Group at
ETH Zurich under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Donald Kossmann. My current research interests are primarily highly scalable database architectures and cloud storage systems. My expected graduation date is end of 2014.

Publications. Papers.

  • S. Loesing, M. Pilman, T. Etter, D. Kossmann
    On the Design and Scalability of Distributed Shared-Memory Databases
    Tech. Report, Zurich, 2013 [pdf]
  • S. Loesing, M. Hentschel, T. Kraska, D. Kossmann
    Stormy: An Elastic and Highly Available Streaming Service in the Cloud
    Danac Workshop (EDBT/ICDT 2012), Berlin, 2012 [pdf]
  • D. Kossmann, T. Kraska, S. Loesing, S. Merkli, R. Mittal, F. Pfaffhauser
    Cloudy: A Modular Cloud Storage System (Demo Paper)
    VLDB 2010, Singapore, 2010 [pdf]
  • D. Kossmann, T. Kraska, S. Loesing
    An Evaluation of Alternative Architectures for Transaction Processing in the Cloud
    ACM SIGMOD 2010, Indianapolis, 2010 [pdf]
  • C. Binnig, D. Kossmann, T. Kraska, S. Loesing
    How is the Weather Tomorrow? Towards a Benchmark for the Cloud
    DBTest Workshop (ACM SIGMOD 2009), Providence, 2009 [pdf]

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My mailing address:

Simon Loesing
ETHZ Systems Group, CAB F 71.2
Universitaetstr. 6
CH-8092 Zurich